typus Personnel Placement wants to help eliminating bottlenecks in shortage jobs in Germany. On the long term, there is a growing need for personnel not only among highly paid IT experts but also in classic craft jobs, care, logistics and many other areas. As society ages over the next few years, well-organized migration will become a permanent challenge for “normal jobs”.

The legal basis has been improved - but there is still a lot to be done

The freedom of establishment and employment in Europe, as well as the new skilled workers immigration act, facilitate immigration. Nevertheless, there are still major hurdles for migrant workers and German companies to find each other and to work together sustainably. This is where typus comes in with its concept of sustainable recruitment.

The approach

typus expands the range of classic personnel placement services with important services before and after the start of the new employment relationship.

In the pre-selection process, the interviews openly work out the cultural challenges beyond professional suitability. The aim is to avoid surprises for the potential partner. We expect our candidates to give an honest promise to develop their German language skills to a suitable level for everyday use.

Our range of services

  1. Personnel search and recruitment in Germany and abroad
  2. preselection of suitable candidates
  3. Candidates support to be fit for expectations in the new cultural environment
  4. Check of all legal requirements
  5. Finding and organization of suitable accommodation
  6. Selection of suitable language courses
  7. Feedback talks with candidates in the first few weeks and official meetings with employer and employees 4 weeks after starting work
  8. Support with organizational measures after starting work
  9. Support in dealing with authorities
  10. Cultural support through networks of appropriate nationalities